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(Circumference/inches) : 7, 8, 9, 10, etc

Tip: Take one string/thread

Wrap em around your wrist

Bring your fingers together on da string to hold em in place

Let go of da end side but still hold da rest of da string with your fingers

Measure da string with one ruler

winnah winnah chicken dinnah


Silver, Gold, or Gold-Plated Silver

Tip: You like da look of gold but don't wanna pay da hefty price?

Check out da Gold-Plated Silver, professionally known as Gold Vermeil. Dis plating technique is specific to da precious metal silver.

Long story short, it looks like gold on da outside but it's silver on da inside. Incredibly tarnish resistant due to da electroplating. Da price point drops substantially while giving you dat gold look.

Pretty mean (translation: "cool, good, awesome, sweet, rad, etc).


Name, Name w/ Enamel, Special Request

Tip: Hope you enjoyed some Pidgin English, or "Hawaiian Slang". With that said, time to get down to brass tacks.

The intricacy of the bracelet will determine the overall price point and time it takes to create your art.

In our follow-up with you, we will review what you are asking for and give you the utmost transparency regarding costs and time of completion.

It's an honor to create a piece that is special and meaningful to you.


Please provide your size, materials, and design in the "comment" section

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